10 Tool Must-Haves for Jewelry Makers

Stablished jewelry makers know what I’m talking about. Starting a jewelry making business is no joke and these products make your journey a breeze. I have been a huge fan of these products and they are some of the bests out there!

This blog post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.

The Calysta logo design: My favourite pre-made template for jewelry designers. Face it, being in business requires more than just pretty necklaces, and this beautiful pre-made design will definitely get some people looking your way.

Easy DIY Website kits: We have all been there. The DIYing is here to stay (and also way more affordable than hiring someone to do it for you). Big Cat’s Creative has a whole bunch of templates you can use to create your own website, they are all 100% customizable and super easy to use, even if you don’t know your way around a computer. When you purchase a template, you receive a step by step guide to create your website and web support to ensure you go through it as hazel free as posible.

Instagram Story Covers: If you are not using them yet, Instagram Story Covers are prime real state for your brand. They are amazing to keep your profile on-brand and take your brand aesthetic to a totally different level. With the right design they can drive more views to your Highlights. And these Story Highlight covers are just gorgeous and ready to use!

Social Media DIY kits: You know how important social media is in the success of your business, and we are not all born professional designers. Big Cat’s Creative social media templates are a great option to keep your brand uniform (but playful) and professionally looking. Their templates are easily customizable via Canva (if you have never heard of Canva click here), are social media ready, and when you purchase a package you receive tutorial videos to help you navigate through Canva and how to edit your templates.

Measuring Guide: This is such an amazing tool for jewelry makers and sellers. Everything you need in an easy to read and pocket-size tool. The size of the bead, the thickness of the leather used, the gauge of eye pins, the diameter of the jump rings. It’s all on this card.

Beautiful Opals: Nothing fancier than unique and beautiful stones to elevate any piece of jewelry. Did you know that opals are used for its mystical powers to enhance self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem, it also brings lightness and spontaneity.

Jump Ring Opener Tool: This Jump Ring Opener can be worn on your finger to help in opening and closing jump rings. Just put one side of the jump ring into the slot and twist to open or close. It’s a must-have if you frequently work with jump rings!

One Step BIG LOOPER Jewelry Making Tool: If you have never used it, you’ll fall in love with this! This nifty tool from SmartParts, helps you to create your own eye pins in just one motion. You just add your beads to a head/eye pin, place the pin through the hole in the pliers, and gently squeeze. Everything happens right before your eyes, in one squeezing motion, like magic.


Filigree Wing Charms: You’ll never find charms quite like this (and believe me, I have looked). This gold hammered charms will beatify any piece of jewelry you create. And I am sure, it’ll drive your customer wild!


Antique Spells Book Charm: Ready to chant some spells? This beautiful silver charm is the perfect finishing touch for your DIY project.

What do you think are the best products for jewelry artisans? Share in a comment below!