4 Benefits of Using Video in your Marketing Strategy

We are visual consumers, 90% of the content that is delivered to your brain is usually visual. In today’s marketing dynamics, video content can help communicate your core values, products, and business with more ease. Video can help brands jolting for customers’ attention to create more engaging relationships while boosting customer retention. The increasing presence of video content (like Instagram reels, “live” features on LinkedIn chats, and the major hit of TikTok videos), makes me understand how valuable is the role that video plays in our social media/marketing strategy. So if you are still hesitating to deliver your content in video form here I bring you the benefits of doing it!:

Video can help boost your brand’s social media presence.

In this age of social media sharing, viral content has become the expectation. Users are more likely to engage and share content if it resonates with them, is relatable, or if it’s interesting. But with the high volumes of text content online, people have been looking for more “digestible” ways to consume this information; this is where the use of video can help businesses to create social sharing-worthy content to drive more traffic.


Videos and Search Engines come together now.

Visual platforms like Instagram and Youtube have become some of the largest search engines. So adding videos about your brand, products, services or topics related to your niche into your marketing plan can enormously boost your presence online and aid your SEO efforts. Uploading videos constantly will guarantee your brand gains a solid presence and a better ranking online.


You can improve your email marketing efforts with video

Even using the word video in your email marketing subject line, can decrease your unsubscribe rate and increase email opens. Including videos in your emails can create a higher email impact. Emails that can be consumed as on-the-go media, in my belief, are one of the best ways to ensure your content will be consumed even if your customers are faced with thousands of emails daily.


Videos are good for boosting conversion rate.

Simple tricks, such as adding a video to your landing page can help increase your conversion rate by 80%. Engaging videos can influence a potential client to purchase a product, buy a service or engage with a brand in just a matter of seconds.

Engaging videos with rich content can complement your marketing strategy, give your business some edge while conveying your message in an effective manner.