5 Small Social Media Tweaks that can Explode your Business Growth

If you have been using social media for your business as part of your marketing strategy, you must know that is A LOT OF WORK! Most business owners believe the lie that you can manage all social platforms, while also running a business. But let me tell you, it’s not real (unless you are secretly growing additional arms).

But no matter what social media you decide to use (and I’m really hoping you are not managing more than 3), these easy-to-follow tweaks, will make your social media explode with growth, with just some minimal effort on your part.

1. Improve your Bio description.

If you haven’t done this already, you better do it now. Your bio is like a major real state for describing what your business is all about. Using this tiny space to describe what do you do, how do you do it, and adding a little call to action can get you really far.

Don’t fall for what everyone else does, this space is not for adding personal information, but to talk about what your clients want to know. Think about the kind of people who would be landing on your profile page. How would you like them to experience your brand? Your profile should have a clear description of the people you help and how your business can make their lives better.

An excellent bio description has the following:

  • Keywords that explain what you or your business does (entrepreneur, business coach, blogger, photographer, etc.).  This will allow your profile to be more searchable, and to be found more easily by possible clients looking for your services/products.
  • Clear expiration of what you do and how you can help. 
  • A specific call to action. Whether you decide to give them an incentive to join your email list or guide them to purchase your latest product. You must give your followers a specific action to take when they go to your profile.


2. Use relevant hashtags.

This is how you get your content in front of a targeted audience, who might eventually engage or purchase your products or services. If you sell marketing services research for hashtags related to what you are talking about in that latest post. I usually tend to pick a mix of 10 broad hashtags, 10 specific hashtags, and other 10 location-based hashtags. This mix works well to attract views and new targeted followers.

Using hashtags with a lower post count can also get your content further since your post won’t be buried under thousands of other trendier posts (just remember the life span of a post is quite short, and finding hashtags that are not as popular can help you extend the life of your post). You can keep a list of these hashtags on your device, to copy and paste easily before publishing your new content.

Additionally, adding a call-to-action relevant to your post in the description invites your followers to engage with your brand (whether making a purchase or answering with a comment).


3. Forget about your follower count.

Business owners tend to get hung on the number of followers they have, without realizing that followers don’t necessarily bring you more sales. But an engaged and loyal audience does. Having 50 followers engaging with your content daily is worth more than 1000 followers not paying attention to you. Creating deeper and meaningful relationships with your followers can turn any unengaged prospect into your business’s #1 fan (the kind of fan who would wait in line overnight to buy your stuff).

We often forget to communicate on social media and use our platforms as a one-way relation. But there’s a reason why it has the word social in it, right? 

4. List your business in your personal accounts.

This is probably the easier tweak, but the one we fail the hardest to do. Share your business information and updates with your family and friends on social media, odds are, they’ll be thrilled to talk about you with their friends. 

Worth of mouth is really powerful!

Lastly, if you participate regularly in Facebook or Pinterest groups, having your business information listed in your profile will make you seem like an authority in your niche.



If you are not doing this yet, you better hurry. Remember how we just talked about how social media is for being SOCIAL? Well, taking the time to comment on everyone’s posts can help you create better connections with your customers and maximize your engagement (something the Instagram algorithm loves). Even if you have 50 followers when you start replying to their comments you make your customers feel valued and important.

If you wish to make this an extra mile, you can leave a thoughtful response. Just think, “if I was receiving this comment in person, what would I really say?” Be authentic and engaging.

What other small tweaks can you do to your platforms right now, to grow your account organically?

What other small tweaks can you do to your platforms right now, to grow your account organically?