Going DIY or Hiring a Designer?

In the growing culture of entrepreneurship, DIYing is nothing new. Start-up companies, usually have to learn to wear many hats in order to survive. But if you have ever considered hiring a designer, there’s never a wrong or right answer.

Nowadays with the high demand for learning resources online, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for budget-friendly ways to do the work themselves. Design is such an accessible thing now. With thousands of websites that can help non-designers create masterpieces, without spending money. Even more, websites helping you find the right designer for your project, the possibilities are endless. Don’t misunderstand me, design takes real skills, and is not something you develop right away. Good design can give you an edge, and it can bring the right people over to you.

But if you are debating between these options, consider these points:

Are you a novice?

If you started your business, but have no idea where to begin, you can spend a lot of time just trying to figure things out. Design basics are no joke (I bet you were not expecting that!), it takes years of training to understand the principles that will help your brand succeed. For every project your designer puts together a study of your market, competition, and most importantly, the audience, to understand how your business can highlight among your competitors. And understanding of colors, typographies, and shapes can go a long way. 

Working with a professional designer or even using a logo maker, can assure a professional-quality logo.


Need to save time?

If designing is not your stronger suit, a designer will save you time and effort (not mentioning migraines). The job of a designer is to ensure you are satisfied with the final result. Hiring a designer will ensure your product is suited for it’s function and also looks aesthetically pleasing. The success of your brand/business will depend on how your target perceives your brand, and amateur design can be perceived as unprofessional.


Lacking ideas?

The job of a designer is to come up with fresh ideas that are memorable. Choosing DIY branding, that it’s unique and one of a kind can be nerve-racking if you don’t feel like the most creative person. A good designer can turn hazy ideas into a powerful icon of what your business is all about.


Budget restrictions?

DIY projects are in fact more cost-effective in the short run, there’s no need for initial investment, and all you need is at the reach of your fingers. But what about the long term? Bad design can be demotivating, it can cost you clients and sales. 

Design is all about trust, good design is memorable. If your clients don’t trust you, or worst, don’t remember you, how can you be in business? Hiring a designer shouldn’t make a hole in your pocket. 

Do your research, and ask designers what kind of budget-friendly options can they offer you. Pre-made designs, templates that you can edit yourself, pro bono work in exchange for referrals or any other kind of negotiation can always be a valid conversation point.

So what’s your choice? DIY or hire a professional? For your day to day designing needs, online programs like Canva can help you get your own designed marketing. But hiring a designer can save you time and help you give your business a unique look to stand out from competitors. Your path to success is only defined by you

My mission at Gabellare is to set you up for business success, if you need assistance or want to discuss your newly discovered branding needs, reach out here