How to elevate your business using branded patterns

What is a brand pattern?

If the first thing that came to your mind where those ugly antique wall papers from your grandmother’s living room, then it’s time to hit REFRESH. Branded patterns are a fun and dynamic part of the elements of a brand, they enhance the experience by creating an even more memorable brand. Sometimes they are even more recognizable than the logo itself. Can you believe that?

Specially now a days, branded patterns can be found almost everywhere. From restaurants and hotels to retails stores and companies that ship their goods elsewhere. This is due to its effectiveness to build brand recognition and strengthening of brand identity and style. 

These are some ways you can incorporate your brand pattern within your business marketing material:


Your business cards, invoices, mailers, thank you cards and any other marketing material you keep within your brand can be beautify with your branded pattern. This will allow you to keep your brand consistent and memorable.


Corina Lunita it’s a Mexican based business, who incorporated her business pattern in these beautiful care cards. More here.


If your company delivers any physical goods, runs a brick and mortar or has any chance to add some fun to any packaging laying around, you must make use of that prime state to use your business patterns. Nothing says “Remember Me” more than a beautiful and fun pattern.



Embrace Self Wellness incorporates their pattern and other graphic elements to build this beautiful subscription boxes. More here.


Walls, windows, doors and even trucks, are a great locations to place your patterns. 


This is one of my favourites right now, this pizza place in England uses a really obvious patterns for their spaces. Their whole environment is really cool and retro arcade style, with a lot of character. They manage to stay cleaver, modern and tasteful with this awesome asymmetric pizza pattern. More here.


Even if you have no physical store you still have tons of opportunities to show some character on your website and social media. This is a simple and cost effective way to build brand recognition and keep your brand fun.


Penny Black is also an amazing brand that has been using their brand pattern to make emphasis in their brand. I have to say, their whole brand turned up amazing! Their brand is elevated and totally high class, but it still remains fun and relatable. More here.

Earthing Massage did an awesome job creating small pattern sections. More here.

Patterns offer endless possibilities. So we invite you to see patterns under a different light and start incorporating them into your brand! Just make sure your pattern follows your same brand style to keep the harmony between your brand elements.

My mission at Gabellare is to set you up for business success, if you need assistance or want to discuss your newly discovered branding needs, reach out here