How to Keep your Brand Consistent?

So you have your brand colors defined and your business logo is ready to see the light of day. 


So, what’s next? 

Creating consistency…


To maintain consistency across your different channels and communications is what makes your brand memorable and easy to identify. But what is it exactly and how do you achieve it? Consistency happens when we use similar elements (typographies, colors, graphics, etc.) in our marketing material (logo, business cards, website, etc.) to achieve a harmonious look. Consistency in design helps to eliminate confusion, imagine if brands like Coca-Cola decided to change their look completely. We would probably have a hard time finding their products (would you still buy a coke if it came in a brown can? not right?).

The aesthetic of your brand is important, but maintaining that same look over time can get a bit more difficult. As your business evolves is easier for your brand to lose consistency.

Whether you DIY your whole brand or if you hire a designer to help you, there’s no reason not to keep your brand consistent. So here are a few tips that can help:


Typography: Let’s start with your typography, your font selection should be used all across your website, menus, guides, and any other marketing material you create for your brand and products you send to your clients. When working with clients, I recommend a curated selection of 2 to 3 brand fonts, to create hierarchy in your brand. Usually, when picking fonts for brands, I tend to go for a mix of sans-serif fonts (that the brand can use for a longer copy) and another font that creates contrast and matches the identity of the brand (it can be serif, modern, display or calligraphic, all depending in how we are portraying the brand). It is highly recommended to pick complementing fonts that work well with the whole aesthetic of your brand (so for example, you wouldn’t use a girly calligraphy font if your brand is more on the masculine side).

Some great places to find free fonts for your brand are Google fonts, Dafont, Font Squirrel. But if you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Fonts is also a great resource for fonts.

The best way to keep consistency is to create a plan for when and how to use your fonts. Define which font to use for important titles, and which one for the body of your copy. In the example below, we created a price list for Lethal Gaze Beauty; you can see how we used a big antique style of font for the titles, for the subtitles we chose to use the brand secondary font at a medium size, and the copy is a smaller, more minimal sans-serif font. This allows us to create a really dynamic piece, that guides your eye from the important information (the services offered) to the less important one (the prices and the specific item description). Creating a font plan will allow you to know which font, weight, and size to use when, so you can keep a consistent overall look across your products.

Click the image to check Lethal Gaze Beauty.

Colors: Colors are a really important part of your brand that is often left behind. I always recommend picking a color palette of 4 to 5 colors, to keep your brand simple and easy to manage. The colors you pick for your brand must work well together and communicate the personality of the brand (or the one you want your brand to have). When picking colors, I try to find a good mid-ground between soft and more vibrant colors. For Lethal Gaze Beauty, we picked colors that matched the boldness of the brand but also bringing that feminine touch to the aesthetic.

When working on your brand, either with a designer or on your own, is best to approach color using the exact color codes from your palette and keeping a color hierarchy (to know which colors to use for accents and which for your general look).

Imagery: Images are something to take special care of. Not every business will have the same conception about photography, especially if your business is related to photography or even design. Nut if you are not a photographer, you might need to think of hiring one or investing in learning how to keep your photos cohesive.

The lighting, colors, filters, and even your props say a lot about your brand, and keeping them uniform will help your clients recognize you easily. Below you can see how Lethal Gaze Beauty, has made use of vintage elements like antique polaroids, film strips, and grainy filters, to showcase the bold and grungy style of her brand. The overall vibe of her Instagram and marketing material has worked to her advantage to attract her ideal audience. Whether your brand is bright and colorful or minimal and elegant, you can find filters or presents to make your images feel cohesive and unique.

You can check Lethal Gaze Beauty social media profile by clicking the image.

You can make an emphasis on your brand colors through your photography as well. Props or backgrounds that match the colors of your brand can also make your photography feel more cohesive and brand-related.


Tone and Voice

The language and tone you use across your communications can also have an impact on your cohesiveness. Defining if your brand voice is friendly, casual, or serious will help you write content that speaks to your customers. 

Keep the voice and tone consistent gives the impression of one voice speaking to the customer, instead of many…

“Even in the wizarding world, hearing voices isn’t a good sign”

Hermione Granger.

But ultimately, the best way to keep cohesiveness in your brand is to evaluate your existing platforms and messages, and implementing these easy steps so that your brand becomes more memorable!