What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Designer

About to hire a graphic designer? One of the most important things you can do for your company is to invest in how your business is presented to your audience. A big part of your success relies on the 7 seconds it takes a person to decide if you and your business are important to their lives (and yes, it literally takes 7 seconds).

There are many companies out there offering the same kind of services and products you offer, so what makes you different? 

The way you present yourself and your business say a lot more about you than your products. And an attractive marketing strategy can attract and engage your audience in your business more effectively. That’s why hiring a skilled graphic designer to assist you with your brand is a must. 

Hiring a designer can be tricky, but not every designer might be suitable for bringing your vision to life. Before you hire a designer, take the following steps into account:

Before Hiring a Designer:


Shamefully, designers are not minded readers. Explaining clearly your ideas and what you need doing from your designer, will guarantee the effectiveness of their job. It’s up to company owners and project managers to reveal the company’s goals and story. The more you understand about your company the better. Before contacting a designer, you should be able to:

    • Explain briefly your company’s story,
    • Give a summary of the products or services your company offers,
    • Identify your target market, goals, and needs of your company
    • Provide clear inspiration for what are they looking to see in their project.

All these will give your designer a clear idea of what the company is about, and how can they assist you to reach those business goals.


Define your Projects Specs

A designer can provide you a complete branding package to help you build your marketing foundation, but if you are not certain of your needs it can be helpful to ask yourself. The following questions:

    • What’s my budget?
    • When do I need the finished design?
    • What types of media or assets do I need (is your design going to be printed, will it be for digital, how many variations do I need?)?
    • Can I provide my own images, or should they use stock images?

This will give your designer a complete scope of your needs and give you a proposal that covers your job specifics.


How to Find the Right Designer

Now that you understand what your business needs are, finding a designer is as easy as 123. You can start by talking to different professionals about your project (you can find designers absolutely everywhere, some of the most commons ways are Facebook groups, Fiver, Etsy, or a simple browser search). Asking to see a designer’s portfolio, website, or even social media, are great places to start. You can look within their client’s work for similar projects to what you are looking for. The design style can give you a taste of the type of approach they can take with your own design.

The right designer will:

    • Be available to work within your budget. Please be mindful, when you pay for professional services, you are actually paying for that person’s expertise and the quality of their work. Design work can involve hours of research, design time, and file preparation for all the deliverables you receive.
    • Work within your time frame.
    • Have experience working with the type of media you require.
    • Have a similar style to what you are looking for.
    • And be professional. Something as simple as reviewing what their other clients have said about him/her can avoid a lot of disappointment.

Ask About their Design Process

Every designer has his/her own process, but your designer’s process should involve the following steps:

    • Target audience research and brand colors.
    • Design sketches.
    • Client proof approval and tweaks.
    • The final deliverable of designs.

Bonus Tips

Some additional tips you might want to keep in mind when hiring a designer:

    • You get what you pay. We all like to save money and be frugal when it comes to spending, but when it comes to design, your budget can highly influence the results. Custom design work takes time, and any good designer will expect reasonable compensation for their time and expertise. 
    • Market Understanding. A good designer has experience working with similar companies. And ultimately has a good understanding of your market and your needs based on your audience and type of business.
    • Ask about ownership. Asking about the rights of the delivered graphics might save you a lot of headaches. Many designers use stock photography and graphics, communicating to your designer the need for exclusive rights for graphics, will ensure your designs are 100% one of a kind.

There are amazing designers out there, but finding the right match takes time. Spending the time to ask yourself the important questions before starting will save you not only time but money as well.


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