Why Does My Business Need Logo Variations?

Logo Variations make your brand more versatile

One of the initial steps into building your business is creating a consistent brand. And one (if not) the key components of your brand is your business logo. When creating your business website, business card, or social strategy, you must be clear about your brand logo, typography, and color palette. These visual elements will help to elevate your brand and make it look more consistent, polish, and professional. 

But what if your logo just doesn’t look right?

(Please insert dramatic pause)

Believe it or not, this is a really common problem brand face every day. This is the reason why logo variations are so popular. 

Now, let’s start with the basics! A logo variation is nothing but a modified version of your main logo, which can be used for specific instances. Having logo variations for your brand gives you the FLEXIBILITY to work and place your branding on various platforms, where space might be limited or restrictive. 

How will your logo look in your Instagram profile picture? How will it translate on a t-shirt or other apparel items? Can you make it smaller for items like pens or other stationery? Will it look good, or will you lose essential elements on the way?

That’s why designers work hard to come up with distinctive variations that will check all of those boxes while following clients’ requirements.

Logo variations can also be used to give your brand a more dynamic look (maybe you want to vary the look or simply you don’t want to see the same logo in every single item in your brand). An alternative concept or a variation allows you to keep that consistency and stay in the brand without having to surrender to the media.

This is a great example of some different logo variations we developed for Corina Lunita. Click the image to see her site.

There’s no guideline about the right amount of variations you can have, but each variation should have a purpose. If you are thinking about acquiring some variations for your logo, consider talking to your designer about these:

      • Horizontal variation: Horizontal designs are perfect for placing on wider formats such as Facebook or Twitter banners, invoices, contracts, etc.
      • Stacked or vertical: These are really useful for avatars, posters, flyers, screens, or even vertical banners, that require more vertical space. 
      • Icon: Icon based variations are perfect for smaller formats such as favicon or stamps. This is perfect for spaces where resizing your entire logo would not be an option – it could make the text unreadable. Icons are very minimal and versatile, which makes it easier to recognize at smaller scales.
      • Text Only: Also works as a stand-alone element. Text only variations can be used for store signage, they can be used for situations that can’t accommodate a full logo and/or are larger than icon-only spaces.
      • and Colour: To ensure your logo can be used under ANY circumstance, it’s a good designer rule to count with different color variations (a dark or black version, that can be used over the lighter background – when the main logo is not in use. A lighter version or white, that can be used when the backgrounds are darker. And/or different color versions based on the brand’s color palette).

* Please notice you are not required to have a lot of logo variations in your arsenal, but planning ahead is a good practice for business owners.

How many logos does your brand have? Do you feel your brand would be more complete with them? Since more businesses are moving towards online practices this might be something you want to consider for yours.

My mission at Gabellare is to set you up for business success, if you need assistance or want to discuss your newly discovered branding needs, reach out here