Why does your business needs a logo?

Logos are everywhere… All the most well known brands have logos that speak about what kind of business they do, products/services they sell, about their commitment and even the type of people who buys their products. Logos are the core of our way of life, they are embedded in our culture and are so important that they have huge weight on the decisions we make day to day.

A logo is one of the most important graphic elements of your brand. It mainly serves 2 purposes; one is to tell people the name of your business, but also, to create a visual symbol that represent your business. Great logos have the power to create links between a business and people’s memory. The best example is McDonalds golden arches, which are so familiar that they no longer need to add their business name to be recognized. 


Ok, this was easy, but why do you need a logo?

Having a professional logo helps to build trust. Potential clients are more likely to purchase your products and/or services if you have a well designed logo. But is not just about creating a logo, because if your logo seems to be created in Microsoft Word, your clients might not be as willing to spend their money with you. It’s important to remember that it’s all about the confidence you build in your clients and a good logo will speak about how are you able to deliver your products or services.

Identification really matters. The most important goal of a logo is to identify the person, product, service or/and business behind it. This is why understanding the environment around where your logo will be seen is crucial. You can start by asking yourself who is my competition (regardless if you rather see them as competition or not)? how do their brands look? what colors do they use? how can I differentiate myself from them?

Your logo will be the business tool to make you stand out from the crowd.

Brand design for Olive Yoga & Malas, by Gabellare.

But why do they matter so much?

The truth is simple, when you start picturing a business in your mind you often immediately picture the logo. When you see a logo you are familiar with, you brain starts associating that image with the memories of past experiences and interactions with that brand. Once you have had a good experience with a business, your brain associates that unique memory with satisfaction. This makes you more likely to identify the brand for the future and therefor purchase its services/products again.

But logos are just the tip of the iceberg. Shapes, fonts and colors are also represented as part of the branding of a company. These design elements can influence your decisions when shopping. By taking a quick look to a logo we can make judgments whether we like it or not, and perceive a business in a certain way. If we think of a company as an expensive looking one, too corporate or even too radical we might have a different shopping experience as if we though of it as inexpensive or fun. Likewise, if the logo makes us feel like the type of business, product and/or service we are looking for, we are more likely to engage and buy what they offer.

This is why the logo represents such an important piece within a company, as it helps to attract the right kind of audience.

The logo I created for Skyn x Cyn represents a great example of the vision the owner had for her business.

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